The Birchcliffe Centre has three main entrances, two of which are fully accessible. Please see the details below for full details of how to access the centre.

  • Main Hall and stage – For access to the hall please park in the disabled parking bay in the centre’s car park and go down the ramp from the carpark and through the double doors. These doors are the main access route into the hall for eveyone. Once in the hall, the auditorium can be accessed by the use of a small platform lift. The hall has an accessible toilet near the entrance.
  • Mezzanine – Unfortunately, there is currently no access to this area for those with mobility issues.
  • Reception, offices and Pennine Horizons Digital Archive – For those with mobility issues, these areas can all be accessed by the double doors on Chapel Avenue below the centre. Please park next to the ramp and then use the intercom by the doors to alert the centre that you require access. A platform lifts then allows access onto the upper ground floor where reception the offices and Pennine Horizons Archive are located. There is an accessible toilet on this floor. For everyone else, please use the main entrance off Birchcliffe Road and go up the stone steps and though the foyer.
  • Studio space and Ceramics Hub – These areas are again accessed via the double doors on Chapel Avenue below the centre. Please park next to the ramp and then use the intercom by the doors to alert the centre of your presence. A platform lift then allows access to the lower ground floor where the studio space and ceramics hub are located. There is an accessible toilet located on this floor.

If you would like to access the Birchcliffe Centre by bus , the 595 bus leaves Hebden Bridge railway station every 30 minutes. For more details please click HERE.

If you are coming to the centre on foot, it is approximately a 10 minutes walk up the hill from the centre of Hebden Bridge. For a map of the area please click HERE.

If you have any further queries about access, please don’t hesitate to contact the centre.

Access News

Thanks to a generous grant from the LEADER fund almost the whole of the Birchcliffe Centre is now accessible to all.

A total of £138 million was made available in England between 2015 and 2020 under the scheme. LEADER is part of the RDPE. It is a French acronym (Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Économie Rurale) which roughly translates as ‘Liaison among Actors in Rural Economic Development’ . The scheme was adminstered locally by Pennine Prospects.

The grant has allowed access to the ground and lower ground floors of the centre via the Chapel Avenue doors, where en external ramp and two platform lifts have been installed. Accessible toilets have also been created on both floors. This means that everyone can now access reception, the offices, yoga studio and ceramics hub.

The main hall continues to be accessed via the doors adjacent to the car park. A grant from the Community Foundation for Calderdale allowed the car park to be resurfaced and the provision of a accessible parking space.

Pennine Heritage has an ongoing program of work to make the whole of the centre accessible to all.