Our tenants

We have a wide variety of tenants here at the Birchcliffe Centre, they include –


A Dance Specialist who has been teaching in education and community settings for over 9 years. Bryony teaches dance for a range of ages from  0-4 years in Mini Movers to the Mature Mover in DanceAbility.  Bryony also teaches Pilates for adults across Calderdale.

Situated in the Birchcliffe Centre, The Bridge Pilates Studio is the first Pilates equipment studio in Hebden Bridge.

For more information visit – bryonydancepilates.com  and  thebridgepilatesstudio

Caroline Tiler-Ansell,  Therapeutic Kneads   Advanced Complementary Healthcare Practitioner

Whether you’re an athlete, go to the gym, a busy professional, frazzled parent or you just want to feel the benefits of a holistic treatment, there’s a therapy to suit your requirements at Therapeutic Kneads.

For more information visit  –  therapeutickneads.co.uk

is situated directly behind the Birchcliffe Centre…

Hebden Bridge Hostel is ideal for groups and individuals attending our conference / exhibition / celebration space and can be booked (subject to availability) exclusively or on a person-by-person basis.

The hostel is available for groups all-year round and for individuals and small groups from the Easter holidays until Bonfire Night.

Accommodation is for up to 33 people, in rooms of 2, 3, 4 or 6 beds.ct.

Hebden Bridge Hostel website is HERE

To make enquiries or to book, please email mama@hebdenbridgehostel.co.uk or call 01422 843183

About Hebden Bridge School

We seek to create a learning environment that nurtures each individual, whether student or staff. We opened in Hebden Bridge on September 5th, 2016 as a one-day school and are looking to build up gradually to full-time provision while still offering flexi-schooling options for our students. We foster optimum receptivity to learning through yoga and meditation, democratic decision making and cross-subject learning. Small class sizes, never more than 20, enable closer teacher-student relationships. For us the “classroom” is an exciting learning place which also includes the natural world.

The learning environment, combined with the excellence of our teachers, will help our students succeed at GCSEs. To keep the flame of learning alive both teachers and students need to be constantly challenged. Soulful creativity is at the centre of all that we do, and we are all learners here. We hope that children will leave our school with a sense of purpose and confidence in themselves as unique human beings ready to break new ground in their path through life.

Have a look around our website and see what we offer. For more information contact us .


The Ceramics Hub is a group of ceramic artists who work from the ceramics studio at the Birchcliffe Centre.

The members are Penny Hampson, Lesley Lishman, Gillian Holt, Matthew Helbert, Sue Donnelly and Anne Cahill. 

Read more about them at their website HERE



I am a public and community artist working mainly in the medium of architectural ceramics. The content of project work has generally covered geographic, historic, rural and urban heritage. I have worked on multi cultural themes with the group Connecting Cultures and on my “pocket park” project in Wolverhampton looking at patterns passed down through generations.

For more information visit   –  facebook.com/ceramicsbirchcliffecentre

Josephine Gornall – Phinefibre

Josephine is a fibre and mixed media artist specialising in the ancient art of felt-making by manipulation and transformation of dyed wools and other natural fibres.

Creating organic flowing forms with felted relief work. Utilising a myriad of wools, plant and silk fibres, yarns and fabrics. Sometimes embedding her own photographs and juxtaposing them with found organic matter and up-cycled objects within the layered, textural surface.

Contemporary wall-hangings, box-framed and freestanding sculptural works. Many explore a rich palette of colours, including complementary and contrasting purples, pinks, turquoises and oranges.

For more information, please visit her website at   http://www.phinefibre.co.uk/index.html   or follow her on facebook at    https://www.facebook.com/Phinefibre/

Sally Dawson Counselling

Sally is an experienced Person Centred counsellor who works with adults and young people aged 14–18. 

Providing a safe and supportive space to work through any issues. She works flexibly to suit individual emotional needs, in short or long term therapy.

Free introductory session and sliding scale of charges.

sallydawsoncounselling@gmail.com See more HERE

Sally’s Room

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Kathy Saville Counselling MBACP (REG) MABA .Supervisor

Kathy Saville. MBACP (REG) MA. BA .Supervisor

07967 831053 Counsellorkathy@gmail.com 


About me

“Between the idea And the reality… Falls the shadow” TS Eliot.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you feel, or how you feel and even harder to be able to express it – to yourself, never mind to someone else; my particular skill is in getting that and helping you to get that.  Once the feelings are identified and understood we are able to unpick what it is, that’s actually going on and deal with it, in a way that feels comfortable and possible for you.

I get the shadow.

When you come to see me, the counselling session is about you, the focus is on you, …

I can offer you structure and empathy,understanding and clarity of vision,combined with warmth, wit and honesty.

I have worked as a Counsellor for 11 years and have a very broad base and depth of experience.

I have worked particularly  with trauma and sexual/ physical/ domestic abuse and unequal emotional relationships of all kinds and also with loss and bereavement , anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem.

I work with individuals and couples and and am a qualified supervisor.

I currently work in private practice , on a national counselling helpline, in a Woman’s centre and in employees assistance, telephone counselling.

I work with integrity in a very open and honest way with whatever issues you would like to bring.

I work well with people of all backgrounds and class and I am not easily shocked.

Training, qualifications & experience

I’m a qualified, registered Counsellor and member of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists).

I am a qualified supervisor with a certificate in Supervision from the Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy

Working experience

I started working as a Counsellor in 2008.
I have set up and delivered Counselling services in 5 Sure Start Centres in Huddersfield  and worked for Leeds Counselling.

I have worked in an IAPT (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies service ) with Insight Therapies in Calderdale which provides structured short term counselling (up to 6 sessions) for individuals within the NHS and I have worked long term with clients- up to 3 years doing delicate explorative work, both within organisations and in private practice.

I am the  Counselling Coordinator at the Womencentre Halifax and have worked there for 11 years.

My background is in Arts and as a Health Professional for 25 years (Physiotherapist) 

Psycho educational individual and group work delivered whilst counselling


  • well-being
  • self awareness
  • self esteem
  • assertiveness
  • confidence building
  • problem solving
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • sleep and relaxation
  • obsessive compulsive disorder
  • anger
  • attachment disorders
  • Dealing with loss

For Counsellors/Psychologically Interested Parties

My Counselling training was Integrative, I am primarily Person Centred, but use TA, Gestalt, Psychosynthesis, Existentialist, Solution focussed and some CBT techniques.I qualified at Sheffield hallam University.

My supervision training was a mixture of Person Centred, Gestalt and TA and I qualified at the Manchester institute of Psychotherapy.

See more HERE